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In order to achieve this goal you have to make the right decisions and the first decision you have to make is where the hell you are going to take her.

Once you have started your date at your place it is absolutely essential to change the dating venue a few times.

On the one hand, changing the locations is good, because it gives her the feeling that you have already experienced a lot together, which builds trust and a feeling of connection.

Once she arrives in front of your apartment complex you can to come up for a couple of minutes, because you are not ready yet. You don’t have to escalate the moment she steps in your apartment.

I mean, when she gives you clear sex signs, you can try it, but your goal is not to bang her right away.

I have an internal metal skeleton that is highly articulating, and lets you position me into any pose you can think of. I wont go through your phone, you wont have to remember my birthday or get me anything for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you’ll never have to meet my parents! You can watch sports with me, without being interrupted once.

I have the kind of face that could put me in the movies, but I prefer your intimate touch to any sort of fame. You’ll never have to worry about what I’ve been doing all day, I was in your closet where you left me! haha You don’t even have to put me in the closet cause your not even ashamed! You can have a full conversation with any female in your life without me asking you, who is it? On the other hand, some venues offer an atmosphere that literally forces her to end up in bed with you.You don’t even have to worry about whether or not you will have sex on your first date, as long as you follow one simple rule. Not for hot wings and the game – take me out to a place where they have folded cloth napkins on the table, and a wine list.I want to eat something delicate, like a pheasant or some kind of small animal’s liver.From all the women I tried this with there were maybe 5% who asked me why they should meet me at this address.In this case you just have to tell her that your place is near the location.There are venues that are way better for establishing a sexual connection.You probably agree with me that you usually won’t bang a girl right in the dating location, unless you are dating a really horny and sexually open girl or you decided that the local swinger club is the perfect venue for your first date.Your only goal is to make her comfortable in your presence and especially in your apartment.Show her around while you’re putting your shirt on. Offer her something to drink and make sure that she is completely comfortable.

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