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The fake names are very realistic because they're generated from real ones. As an example a fake female name is made from a combination of a female first name and a surname. Good fakes are characterized by being realistic without being obviously false.

And it is the random algorithms that is responsible for creating the huge variation in the output.

The final result is very realistic random aliases and pen names.

The Fake Name Generator random functions makes more than 6 billions different and unique name combinations.

Among other things the random formulas controls the length of the fake names and for example decides whether the fake name should have a middle name or not.

At these name lists you can also read about the meaning of the male and female names.

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Very good lists if you want to put a symbolic quality or meaning to your false identities.For alternatives you can check the Random Name Generator.The random name generator are based on real American boys, girls and surnames.This naming randomizer is perfect to use as a pen name generator since all the aliases produced build on real and realistic names.If your are looking for a particular powerful pen name, you might need to create it your self, but you will find plenty of inspiration using the name generator. Throughly descriptions of usage in both old and new literature.It could for a character in a book, a song or a person, a player in an online game or the screen name in your favorite online community.Of course this application also can be used a surname generator.I generate the fake names from 3 lists of real American names. Because of the international multi ethnic American society the fake names will occur as original English or American, Latin (like Italian or Spanish) Scandinavian, French, German names.Result is international names and aliases usable for any multi cultural community and multi ethnics society.You could try to write down all the girl names you know. Maximum a few hundred if you really put your mind to it.When we try to make our own fake names we are also limited by our personal preferences for names.

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