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Am i dating a controlling man

However, if you notice many of these signs in your relationship, then your partner may in fact be trying to control you. Someone that wants to control you will naturally feel threatened by other people.

This is because you cannot establish control until the other person is committed to the relationship.

A controller, on the other hand, will want to know every detail. Another sign is asking accusatory questions such as, "You were with another man, weren't you?

" Sometimes a partner will notice that one of your friends is a bad influence and will mention this to you. A controlling person, however, will sometimes make comments about all of your friends, most often negative comments.

If you breakup, the controller will have lost control and so temporary behavior changes are necessary to prevent this from happening.

Unfortunately, positive changes are often only temporary as the controller quickly returns to his or her old ways. However, you should not drag yourself through many cycles of controlling behavior followed by apologies.

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