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star has been dating his photographer boyfriend Clint for over a year now and things have never been better."It's been amazing.

I've been in a happy little relationship for about a year now and it's really wonderful," Tyler tells E! "I'm really thankful we get to be open about that and get to live my true self and get to share it with fans."Tyler and Clint didn't meet through mutual friends or on a dating app.

That kiss leads to others after dinner, outside and farther away from the cameras.

He had loads of swords and machetes on the wall and decided to hold one to my throat to show me how incredibly strong they were.” 5.

“I met a girl who described herself as a 24-year old woman who’s blonde.

And there's still times where we'll be hanging out at 11 o'clock at night and something will come through from his grandfather or I'll get a message for his family and he understands that I kind of have to get it out so we can go about our evening."Tyler adds, "So it's a little awkward but he understands how I work and when I see something I just have to share it so I can go back to focusing on whatever I was doing.""I'm going to have to start charging him," he jokes.

Reluctant to get back into the dating game after relationship woes last year, Smith warms up to Wil Prewitt and makes the first move in an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode.

One of the beauties of intuition is that if I was interacting with someone that didn't feel right or they were kind of creeped out by what I was able to do, then they clearly weren't the right fit," Tyler explains.

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"And I'm really thankful with Clint, he from the get-go understood this, was open to it and he respects it.

I arrived on the date, all happy, but realized that the girl who sat was a 40-year old lady with two children and was just finding an excuse to leave her house.” 6. It turns out her roommate had been helping her reply to messages.

“One girl I met up with was on house arrest and ‘forgot’ to tell me.” via GIPHY 7. That’s cool, I thought, I can be friends with nice people that aren’t witty. A few weeks in, he told me I was almost perfect, except my upper arms were fat. “I had been texting this girl for a good three weeks, and we finally decided to go out on a date.

See all of the in these slideshows“I enjoyed rehearsing the scene in advance with the whole cast in Belfast.

We rehearsed it like a play on a taped out floor plan and we had the rare opportunity with such a large cast to try things, ask questions and work through the scenes in advance of shooting in Spain.

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