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Depending upon conditions, garlic mustard flowers either self-fertilize or are cross-pollinated by a variety of insects.

The seeds are sometimes used to season food directly in France.

Sixty nine insect herbivores and seven fungi are associated with garlic mustard in Europe.

Alliaria petiolata is a biennial flowering plant in the Mustard family, Brassicaceae.

It is native to Europe, western and central Asia, and northwestern Africa, from Morocco, Iberia and the British Isles, north to northern Scandinavia, In the first year of growth, plants form clumps of round shaped, slightly wrinkled leaves, that when crushed smell like garlic.

Garlic mustard is one of the oldest discovered spices to be used in cooking in Europe. The chopped leaves are used for flavoring in salads and sauces such as pesto, and sometimes the flowers and fruit are included as well.

Evidence of its use has been found from archeological remains found in the Baltic, dating back to 4100-3750 B. These are best when young, and provide a mild flavor of both garlic and mustard.The fruit is an erect, slender, four-sided pod 4–5.5 cm (1.6–2.2 in) long, called a silique, green maturing pale grey-brown, containing two rows of small shiny black seeds which are released when the pod splits open.A single plant can produce hundreds of seeds, which scatter as much as several meters from the parent plant.The flowers are produced in spring and summer in button-like clusters.Each small flower has four white petals 4–8 mm (0.2–0.3 in) long and 2–3 mm (0.08–0.12 in) broad, arranged in a cross shape. But I love to laugh and I think laught makes peoples lives longer! Well write me a letter and I hope we can get closer together!! more about Snezhana from Saint Petersburg I am a woman who is serious in my search!The next year plants flower in spring, producing cross shaped white flowers in dense clusters.As the flowering stems bloom they elongate into a spike-like shape.When blooming is complete, plants produce upright fruits that release seeds in mid-summer.Plants are often found growing along the margins of hedges, giving rise to the old British folk name of Jack-by-the-hedge.

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