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Co stars and dating

I had met her a couple times, but she blew me away. Hewitt confirmed the news on The Ellen De Generes Show , saying: "There are people in your life who are just supportive and who just look at you and they see who you are, and [Kennedy] really saw who I was as a person more than anybody had ever done in my whole life. "I got a girl’s name tattooed on my ring finger because I was in love. She told Teen Vogue : "I've never even hooked up with anybody I've worked on a movie with." As for afterwards?

I think that's for me when I sort of went, 'Oh, wow.' " Sadly, the romance didn't last, but they were awfully cute together. We’ve broken up, but I don’t live in regret."Woodley has waxed poetic about the fact that she's gotten to kiss a lot of really great looking guys in the name of her craft, and she says she's never hooked up with a co-star during filming. "Well, that might have happened on something..." She remains tight-lipped about who the hookup was, so only time will tell if his name rhymes with Shmansel or Shmiles...

Lawrence recently admitted that she kissed Hemsworth off-screen, making all Hunger Games fans' dreams come true. She spoke with Rolling Stone back in 1998, when the show was on the air: "I had really good luck this past year and I had a really wonderful, amazing experience," the actress said.

“Everyone has something to say about one of us dating our costars, I’m rumored to be dating KJ [Apa], Cami [Mendes], Lili [Reinhart], Madelaine [Petsch], everyone on this show. ”The main rumor surrounding Sprouse is that he’s privately dating Reinhart, who plays the Betty Cooper to his Jughead Jones.

Onscreen, the two characters are currently back together and in the throes of passion.

It's hard to believe that anything in Hollywood is kept a secret, but some of these hookups are so juicy and have been hidden so well, no one even knew they were a thing until years after the fact. Though Priestley later reached out via Twitter, and it seems all is well with these two. Fans of Dawson's Creek were thrilled that the show ended with (spoiler alert!

Here are the juiciest co-star hookups you never realized even happened. ) Pacey and Joey ending up together, but it seems that Holmes and Jackson also dated in real life!

The entire internet went crazy over these two in the hit tv Show, Stranger Things, but when it becomes an in real life relationship, I didn’t think the Internet could go crazier.

Sorry Jonathan, I just don’t support your two characters together. I did die a little when the news of actress Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) were spotted in Paris together showing just a little PDA.

Yep, Roberts dated her Wild Child co-star back in 2007, and they were so in love, he had her initials tattooed on his ring finger! Though these romances didn't end up lasting for whatever reason, they sure make for some fun and sweet reminiscing, don't they?

They're always away from home or stuck in the middle of nowhere shooting, with little time to meet people.

" But Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski) added: "Did we have crushes on our costars? It's even rumored that Segel based Forgetting Sarah Marshall off of his breakup with Cardellini, but he told the Los Angeles Times, "I can't control what people think. ) But it's safe to say no one was expecting Chuck and Vanessa to be an item... I guess this wasn't a match in Upper East Side heaven.

I was still very much a child [then], and this was more an amalgamation of a lot of different relationships and breakups I've had. Rumor has it, when Fox was on a break from long-term boyfriend turned husband Brian Austin Green, she cozied up to La Beouf between takes.

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    Jul 26, 2017. In 2005, Sophia and Chad Michael Murray got married, but divorced after three months; in 2008, it was confirmed that she was briefly dating her co-star James Lafferty. However, it was Austin Nichols, whose character ended up marrying her character on the show, that she dated for nearly six years. The two.…

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    Nov 7, 2017. According to US Weekly, 'Stranger Things' co-stars Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer are in a relationship after being spotted holding hands in Paris this week. The 23-year-old and 20-year-old actress have been spotted together on multiple occasions since January this year. The news comes after Heaton.…