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About Blog Marvel is the best place to connect with other fans and get news about comics' greatest super-heroes: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, the X-Men, Wolverine and the heroes of the Marvel Universe.. Website Facebook fans 28,703,273. It features Comics, News, Videos, Games, Television and more about the worlds greatest Super Heroes for all the DC fans around the world. Started by esteemed editor and reporter Heidi Mac Donald, The Beat keeps you in the loop on everything comics related from books to television and film. As comics drive pop culture, CBR is there to cover all aspects of this exciting industry. Website Facebook fans 1,751,665. About Blog News, Reviews and Interviews from the world of comics!

How to Love Comics aims to inform a wider audience about comics - especially those new to the medium - and create new readers. We're the comic readers, we're the movie goers, we ARE the target market. About Blog Dilbert is a Daily Strip by Scott Adams featuring strips, animation, mashups and more. We analyze not only comic books from publishers like: Marvel Comics, D. Comics, IDW, Dark Horse Comics, and more, but we will focus on the independent comic book/graphic novel publisher and the artists and writer that work to bring us original material. About Blog The Comics Beat is the premier comics news blog. About Blog Comic Book is the leading pop culture Web site devoted to comic books, graphic novels, super hero films, comic book movies and everything that is comics culture. About Blog Words and Pictures by Grant Snider in comical representation of values of life. About Blog Midtown Comics opened its first shop in 1997, and is the largest retailer of comic books, graphic novels, manga and related collectibles, news, podcasts, videos & more. The Best Comics blogs from thousands of top Comics blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Also check out Top Comic Youtube Channels list for Top videos on Comic. About Blog xkcd is webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Our reporters conduct insightful interviews, review comics and movies, and write longform op-eds that weigh in on the issues of the day. If your blog is selected in this list, you have the honour of displaying this Badge (Award) on your blog. About Blog Founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications, DC Comics is the largest and most diverse English language publisher of comic books in the world. About Blog Everything related to print comics (comic books, graphic novels, and strips) and webcomics. News and media for adaptations based on comic books are welcome. Website Facebook fans 1,181,213. Dark Horse Comics has over 350 properties currently represented under the Dark Horse banner, serving as the jumping-off point for comics, books, films, television, electronic games, toys, and collectibles. About Blog Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, behind the concept of establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals. About Blog News and observations from the world of historical comics circulation research, from founder John Jackson Miller. About Blog The ultimate source of news, film, TV, comics, toys, info , and so much more.

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