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What she found is adventure (and her future husband).Read her full story Check out her blog: Cooking on the Equator It’s all about cooking with local ingredients in Ecuador: Rick and Dana are a married couple of 40 years.Linn’s journey from the US to Cuenca, the coast and then back to the Andes (near Quito) is one that many expats can relate to.

Keep up with their journey on their blog: Life is Where We Make It Dave and Robin moved to Ecuador in January 2016.

They explored much of the country and lived in three areas: San Jacinto (near Manta, on the coast), Giron (in Yunguilla Valley) and Loja, in southern Ecuador.

Mountains vs Coast Read more about their journey on their blog: 4000 Miles Gregory Diehl left California at 18 to explore our world and find himself.

He has lived and worked in more than 50 countries, chronicling the enlightening lessons he learned in the Amazon bestseller: Travel As Transformation.

Cassie and her husband have been living in Otavalo since 2012.

In this interview, Cassie shares why they moved, what they love about life in Otavalo, and how they are learning Spanish.

Read her full story Their experience has been different than many expats in Ecuador.

They have run a small bed and breakfast – and also a microbrewery.

This is their first international move and they are loving their new life in Cuenca.

Read their full story Todd writes a daily blog about life in Ecuador at Todd Talk in Ecuador.

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