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Here in Kolkata we do have footpath, but I never seen anyone to use that, instead peoples walk along the main road. That way both the cars running along the road and the peoples walking, don’t interfere each other. Like, cabs that bring you from Deorali to the City can only run along the same route and they cannot hop into short distance passengers or cannot run in different route.

Don’t forget to enjoy Momo which is served with cutney, as you are in the land of Momo’s. If you can catch the cars going back, that came down from Sikkim to NJP / Siliguri, then you don’t need to change the car at Deorali. Remember that though these are Taxi, there’s no meter system in Gangtok. You can also go for EP / CP if you want to try out local dishes.

Also note that, in Sikkim they do not have any concept of Chicken Momo, Mutton Momo etc. From Deorali it’ll be around 200/- to your hotel (depending on the location) or M. They have fixed rate for fixed distance for locals. Also, maximum 4 person is allowed in a cab, so if you are more than 4 person, then you have to hire more than 1 cab. But beware that, in Hilly Regions everything gets closed at sharp 9 PM and food in M. Marg can be a bit costly with the ratio of quantity served.

As it was too late to go further, so we stayed in Siliguri for the night and explored Hong Kong Market.

Siliguri itself needs 2-3 days to explore, but we have been to Siliguri previously, so it didn’t matter much for us.

Though there’s nothing wrong loving packaged tour, that eliminates all your headache.

But we love DIY, as we don’t always go by fixed itenary, we may increase days at some destination if we like it.

We stayed at Hotel Ma Yang in Gangtok, Development Area. Once thing I loved and amazed about Gangtok is, everything is well organized and it looks like planned city.

First thing that amazed me as soon as I was entered Gangtok, is the Footpath and Footbridges. But here in Gangtok, I was amazed to see, that everyone is walking along the footpath and using footbridges to cross the road.

The shared jeeps takes total 10 person (4 Back 4 Middle 2 Front), so it can be very uncomfortable if you are a bit fat and not much open minded.

In that case I’d suggest to go for private car as once you start the journey you won’t be able to negotiate anything.

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