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i frequent this store regularly to help promote and do some p.r. ) so i have actually spoke to her and got her name and even convinced her to come out to the club a few times (on my guest list of course).

for a club night my friends are doing, (not to mention check out the... the thing is i'm not very comfortable about "macking" girls in clubs and try to avoid it at all costs, so my question is how do i go from cheezy promoter guy dropping off flyers and free passes, to say...

i'm 23, 5'7" and a relatively good looking and successful fashion designer.

i don't date to much, and because of my usually respectful mannerism i don't get laid too often and usually end up in that "gay friend" category.

Then, the next day, send her an email and tell her that she should get together with you for a cup of tea and some stimulating conversation.

This is both easy and charming, and it works like, well... And for heaven's sake man, start getting the email and digits from the - probably - MILLIONS OF BABES that you meet in the fashion industry and while promoting clubs. ***SUCCESS STORY*** I'm sure you'll find this interesting Dave. Her and I dated for a few weeks, and then she started backing out. Well, that confused the hell out of me because I didn't see it coming, nor did I know what was going on in her head.

Isn't it wonderful when you realize how the psychology works? Consequently she told me later on that she would like to do casual dating with me. Having recognized my error and conceded defeat, I want to cut my loss by telling her this weekend in a face to face meeting that I don't want to see her any longer. I have a problem to get the second one with the guy I like.

And recently I found out that she is seeing two or three other guys simultaneously. But I can't forget her and keep wondering if I should make one more effort to win her back. I know all mind games including "I'm so Hard To Get and Busy" and "Oh I'm so helpless".As far as your situation goes, I would get on with my life, don't call her anymore and if she decides to call you sometime, turn the tables around, start playing hard to get and NEVER ACT LIKE A WUSS AGAIN PLEASE. As for your particular situation, my only idea is to stop by my place sometime for a personal consultation.It's a hard job I have, poking fun at the pain of others... ***INTERESTING EMAIL FROM A WOMAN*** This is a success story. I specialize in beautiful, young Russian women who are looking for cocky & funny guys. OK, great, talk to you then." What she hears: "Hi, I'm lame and uncreative and I am interested in you, but I'm nervous and don't know how to ask you out so, I think I'll just talk about some lame, boring, mundane things..." Most people do and if she says yes, just pull out a piece of paper and have her write it down.And, WHILE SHE'S WRITING say, "And write your number down there too." This is one of my favorite one-two combinations.I guess I am a regular human being, suffering from loss of her love. I am at my latest 20 and I'm quite attractive and I want to have a boyfriend. To meet a guy is not a problem, but, very few of my dates are cocky & funny guys. Now tell me: what do you cocky-funny guys look for? MY COMMENTS: I'm glad you wrote in because you bring up a point that most men never realize, namely, that it's not easy for most women to find the kind of man that they feel ATTRACTED to!Should I change my mind, what techniques can I use to win her back? MY COMMENTS: Well, I'm glad that you've realized your mistake... I am absolutely agreed with every word you say about dating, phone number and email, cocky/funny attitude, phone calls, and kiss. Beside this talent you have very unique quality: you can see the persons problem from few sentences. What makes you call back second, third and twenty-third time. Yes, there are a lot of good looking men in this world, but women are looking for a lot more than just looks.I did get frustrated, but I dealt with it, and moved on.But before I moved on, I told her very friendly, "I know you don't want to continue dating, but you know that we're still friends... Still wondering why it broke off between us, I came across your book. Well, after being "enlightened," I decided to try a few of your concepts on her.getting her to come watch "videos" at my place or even just a phone # for that matter?giving me a way to find out if she is single would be cool too..." MY COMMENTS: I've included your letter for a couple of reasons.

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