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And then I was going to Grand Blanc High, doing the acting thing and hoping it would pan out.

In the case of firsts, oldest sons tend to be take-charge types, leaders.

Oldest females, on the other hand, are more likely to be bossy, confident and aggressive than their younger sisters.

Relationship Tip: Try to understand that as strongly as you feel about something (like where to go on vacation), that's likely how strongly your partner feels about his choice.

Take that into consideration and make compromises to keep the relationship solid.

"In studies of marital satisfaction, middle children fare best all around," says Dr. Even so, if both of you tend to be the secretive type, you could have difficulty communicating.

Relationship Tip: Have frequent, air-clearing conversations about everything from money and sex to the kids, home and work so your individual needs don't get drowned in a sea of compromise.

Remember, such variables as gender and age spacing play a role in how close your personality hews to the birth-order line, says Dr. A middle child with close-in-age older and younger siblings is more "middle-ish" than one whose younger or older sibs are years apart.

Relationship Tip: If you're the middle child, use your natural ability to compromise to decide what you're cool with leaving to your capable firstborn spouse, and what you'd prefer to control.

"The baby of the family tends to be the type who needs attention; the firstborn, who was alone for a while in the family, doesn't need to seek attention, because he or she usually got it," says Dr. Relationship Tip: Emphasize the relative strengths of your personalities.

If you're married to a lastborn, don't disparage what you see as his lack of responsibility. Conversely, if you're a lastborn married to an oldest child, you can learn how and why being serious can be a good idea.

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