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“Though I suppose that was before you knew we’d been talking for a while,” her Mommy had mused to herself.“Regardless, you should really have seen this coming,” she said, setting down the strap for a moment and running delicate fingers over Sophie’s thoroughly punished scrotum, eliciting a groan from the poor girl.“Because while Mommy loves having her sweet little baby to play with,” she closed her fist around the tender flesh and squeezed, the bound sissy’s squealing and crying doing nothing to stop her as she continued, “She still needs a real man around on occasion to help keep her satisfied.”Sophie sobbed with relief as her Mommy let go, the aching feeling radiating all the way into her tummy, making her feel nauseous.“And you, young lady,” her Mommy had said, picking the strap back up, “Are going to help, whether you like it or not.”The conversation had lasted for several more minutes, her Mommy detailing all the things she and Victor had discussed.Still dressed in her baby doll dress and panties, her Mommy hadn’t bothered to diaper her up before leaving, and that started to become something of an issue as Sophie realized she was going to have to pee really badly, and soon.

Of course those models didn’t usually go naked on the bottom half as well, but even if they did, Sophie doubted it would have been even half as impressive as what she’d seen right there.

Even without the ability to touch them she could feel where there would be at least light bruising for several days.

Mommy had been merciless as she grabbed them in a single hand and stretched them down so she could freely wield a short piece of incredibly supple leather about the length of her palm, smacking it down hard enough to make Sophie squeal and struggle to get away as she covered every inch of skin on her most sensitive bits with bright red welts.

They’d had a nice, vanilla conversation and Sophie had even been allowed to contribute, occasionally answering innocent questions from Victor.

Of course Sophie realized now that the purpose of the lunch was to meet with Victor and gauge his receptivity to the idea that the woman who was interested in him had a submissive sissy that she’d like to involve as well.

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