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Decentralisation is the banner that unites the blockchain community, and Pinkapp, to be clear, makes no attempt to be decentralised. It's an even worse than trusted third parties in the legacy economy, as you have no recourse if they don't hold up their end of the arrangement.

It is a traditional, centralised escort agency, with staff and contractors. Much like the Silk Road, Alphabay, or the Hansa Market, it is a centralised shop for people to buy and sell goods, hiding behind TOR. Couldn't it be shut down the same way those markets were?

In brief, Pink is an app for sexworkers and clients to find each other.

I had software architects look over Pink's proposed design, and they said it would make the service run very slowly, and there may be some unthought-of holes in the design, but it does seem to be a way to run a hidden service on TOR with greater anonymity.

Anderson was insistent that Pink will be a full-service agency, with brick-and-mortar services in addition to its software platform.

If you've been around ICOs, you know that is a key question used to sniff out cash-grabs: "What does the token do?

" Page four of Pinkapp's pitch deck explains correctly what blockchain tokens should and should not be used for: it is silly for a retailer to create their own money for their platform; Bitcoin or dollars or Monero or whatever do a fine job at that.

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