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Mediaportal schedules direct not updating

Using the XMLTV format with Schedules Direct gets you more days of data than the old Data Direct option.

All users in the USA and other countries need to install and configure XMLTV in order to obtain program guide listings.

Some grabbers may not be able to be fully configured through the Myth TV setup interface.After completing setup, copy or link the contents of the $HOME/.xmltv directory to the mythtv home directory.Also copy or link the $HOME/.mythtv/XXXX.xmltv files to the mythtv home directory.This places an unnecessarily high load on both the source websites and your own system.Schedules Direct now supports two formats, Data Direct and XMLTV.Download the latest nightly snapshot, extract these two files and make sure they are in a directory on the path, ahead of /usr/bin, or else put them in /usr/bin: You will need to pick one of these.The tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite has more options and needs some command line setup that cannot be done from the mythtv-setup program.Logon or su to the user id that will run mythfilldatabase.In the case of mythbuntu installation that is user id mythtv. If you do not want to logon to that id or you cannot, you can run the mythtv-setup from another id on the same backend.Only changes since the previous download are downloaded.If you want the very latest version of this you can download it from github. I recommend you install this on one user id as a private library, and preferably do not use the mythtv user id. If you did not use the default database name, enter the one that you used.

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