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The site, Street, promises that “love is just around the corner,” and also that geolocation capabilities will change the dating game forever. who you’d actually want to meet and, if all goes well, date.

That’s when you get back on the site (or on your i Phone), enter the time and place where you saw your desired, and view photos of people matching those specifications.

But Larry himself was a bozo, Harmon says, plus “he didn’t like that I smoked.” Soon after her divorce, Harmon landed a job writing on The Dick Cavett Show, for which she ultimately won an Emmy in 1969.

“When I became a writer, [marijuana] widened my focus,” says Harmon, who began smoking when she was eighteen.

Inspired by hyper-targeted dating sites like JDate (for Jews) and Farmers Only (for…farmers), Harmon’s goal is to carve out an online dating niche for medical-marijuana patients, recreational smokers, and those who may not regularly smoke, but are open to and curious about marijuana.

The site is for everyone — gay or straight, young or old, those looking to hook up or to fall in love, anyone from anywhere, just as long as they give the “green” light.

Relationship guru Sandra Harmon loves “grass.” And she wishes the dozens of men she’s dated loved it, too.

“There have been lots of times I’ve dated guys who don’t smoke,” says Harmon. They grew up thinking pot is bad.” But now the 76-year-old matchmaking yenta has a solution: a dating site for stoners.She doesn’t like to explicitly mention it on her and JDate profiles. The site’s users won’t have to worry about awkwardly gauging their matches’ feelings about marijuana — they’ll already be speaking the same language, says Harmon.“It’s a shared camaraderie.” “The whole movement and acceptance of marijuana has spawned a lot of events, [and] a lot of people meet at these events, so it’s also prompting social interaction and connections,” says Mark Bradley, founder of Weed TV, who says he’s excited to partner with Harmon on the dating site.“All of a sudden people enjoy music more,” says the enthusiast, “and there’s no question that the relaxation and good feelings that marijuana gives you make sex better.” In fact, in a recent study, porn video sharing site Porn Hub found that “weed” was the most popular search term for its visitors, followed by “marijuana,” “pot,” “joint,” and “420.” The second most common word found in tandem with “weed,” after “smoking weed,” was “weed sex.” That’s right: smoking “grass” and getting ass may have more to do with each other than we ever thought.But Harmon doesn’t advocate that everyone use marijuana.“If you’re going to get paranoid, don’t smoke,” she says.Her goal is merely to foster a dating community that is accepting of marijuana use.“Unlike other sites, which hope that members find a spark based on static and often exaggerated or out-of-date personal profiles, Street Matching starts in the real world and is based on authentic human attraction.Rather than staying glued to your computer looking for love, Street Matching encourages you to go out and live your life, and hopefully find someone in the process.See you all there xo Conor TICKETS I’ve been invited by Mumford and Sons to perform a special one-off “Gentlemen Of The Road” show at this year’s Longitude Festival.It’s going to be the only show this summer and I’m looking forward to some special guest musicians joining me on stage.

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