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Thus, it will be possible not only to describe the sediment age, but also to give a picture of the dominant mixture of plankton alga at the same time.Sediment studies may also be supplemented with determinations of e.g. Method Decay of uranium in the earth's crust releases the gas radon.In addition to the mentioned rates, the dating may also give a picture of the stability of the sediments and thus tell whether the chronology of the layers is intact or whether the activity of the benthic fauna has changed the chronology by bioturbation.

Nuclear tests produced Cesium-137 that was deposited from the atmosphere.

It is strongly absorbed on soil particles and has limited movement by chemical and biological processes.

This gas produces 210Pb by decay in the atmosphere.

The lead isotope enters the earth’s crust or the water through precipitation.

Subsequently, they are cut into slices of approximately 1 cm and dried, whereupon the content of dry matter and possibly the loss on ignition are determined.

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The result of the dating is delivered in the form of a report stating the age of the sediment, the rate of sedimentation, the mixing depth and the mixing intensity.The 210Pb dating may be supplemented with dating of the caesium 137Cs isotope.This isotope was released in huge quantities in connection with the atmospheric nuclear explosions in 1963 and later by the Tjernobyl accident in 1986.Most Cs-137 movement in the environment is by physical processes making Cs-137 an exceptional tracer for studying erosion and sedimentation.Pb against depth or cumulative weight (to allow for compacting) will be a straight line if the sedimentation rate has been constant.Least squares regression is used to determine the slope of the decay curve, from which the sedimentation rate can be calculated. Applications are in the areas of Late Quaternary geochronology, sedimentology and biochronology.30-50g of dried sample is required for analysis using a standard gamma spectrometer or 5g using a Well detector.There is no radiochemical processing required with this technique.Scope of application Dating of sediment is used to calculate sedimentation rate and accumulation rates for different substances.A number of studies have focused on the accumulation of heavy metals during the past 100 years.

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