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Problems updating iphone 5 software

These issues have been evident since the new Apple 5.1.1 i OS update. Sometimes it randomly turns off (once or twice a day).Was wondering if anyone had any Tips to overcome this or whether Apple i OS planned to release another update to fix the items that need fixing on the i Phone 4S. S - Does anyone know the new way of hiding the bookstand as since the prior 5.1 release I am unable to prize the Bookstand in a folder on its own, so again tips and workarounds welcome. ITunes download update-files in 4-5 Minutes later on Iphone i saw Apple sign and and Update sign. Since yesterday night i have on Iphone that sign and i cannot use my Phone.i have tried restart Iphone, without succes! It always crashes with the Apple logo in screen when in standby mode after 1-2 hours.

Problems updating iphone 5 software

The message I get is "account can't be verified" or "unable to connect to the server".

Thankyou in advance (Please free to post your own i OS 5.1.1 issues and any workarounds! Apps that are already downloaded on my phone will not load, safari will not load, and email will not load here and there. I restart my Laptop and restart ITunes and connect IPhone again. Sometimes opening an app or scrolling lags for several seconds.

It usually doesn't work at all after 10 pm which is odd. What's happening to apple/iphone 4s support, they don't have any answers to all those questions.

Once the process is done, the erased apps will automatically reinstalled.

Solutions: To regain more storage of your i Phone, you can disable Photos Stream, delete unneeded applications, remove some photos or videos, clear up i Messages/text messages/MMS messages, erase space-consumed documents and so on.

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