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Under the measure, those caught getting high in public would be subject to a 0 fine and a violation citation, similar to a parking ticket, said City Council member Jim Kenney, who sponsored the bill.Krasner said people caught with marijuana are issued citations about 90 percent of the time, with the remaining 10 percent receiving misdemeanor charges.

A Pennsylvania district attorney announced on Thursday that his office dropped 51 marijuana charges last week, becoming the latest major city to wipe away weed charges en masse.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner told reporters his office would outline a new policy on pot possession, getting away from directing resources to minor crimes when they could be used to help "solve homicides," NBC Philadelphia reported.

Early on, The Forward defended trade unionism and moderate, democratic socialism.

The paper was a significant participant in the activities of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union; Benjamin Schlesinger, a former president of the ILGWU, became the general manager of the paper in 1923, then returned to the presidency of the union in 1928.

In January, days after California passed its new legislation, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Justice Department would repeal an Obama-era memo that allowed states to legalize marijuana free from federal interference.

is an American magazine published monthly in New York City for a Jewish-American audience.

The organization publishes two magazines, The Forward in English and Yiddish Forward or Forverts in Yiddish; and websites updated daily in both languages via a pay model.

Forverts was a successor to New York's first Yiddish-language socialist newspaper, Di Arbeter Tsaytung (The Workman's Paper), a weekly established in 1890 by the fledgling Jewish trade union movement centered in the United Hebrew Trades as a vehicle for bringing socialist and trade unionist ideas to non-English speaking immigrants.

The paper was also an early supporter of David Dubinsky, Schlesinger's eventual successor.

The most well-known writer in the Yiddish Forward was Isaac Bashevis Singer, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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