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Check out all the interviews, and accompanying portraits, here. The Rand study notes that America got out of its previous cycles of “truth decay” because of a revival of fact-based watchdog journalism, growing public interest in holding authorities accountable and/or fresh laws mandating government transparency.

The report faults leaders on both sides of the immigration debate for misusing data and statistics, blurring the line between opinion and fact.

There has been a steady decrease in violent crime over the past 25 years, yet more Americans across the ideological spectrum believe that crime is increasing. Polls show the perception has been on the rise since around 2000.

They had a book party on Tuesday night at the Kuwait ambassador's residence.

(Tony Powell) -- Another idea: Showing some basic manners and civility might help heal some of our national wounds.

But the experts at Rand believe today’s strain is, perhaps, particularly virulent. we were unable to find evidence of disagreement about objective facts,” said Kavanagh.

“We saw different types of polarization, but not to the extent that we see it now. What makes it really distinctive and damaging is that it's not just political polarization, but it's also social and demographic polarization. are often reinforcing, which means you end up with a very fragmented society.” The team at Rand thinks that “truth decay” poses a grave threat to the country’s future.

“In most walks of life — the military, business, the intelligence community, philanthropy, even baseball — there is more and more reliance on …

rigorous analytical techniques,” said Rand president and chief executive Michael D. “It seems that it’s only in national policy making and the discourse surrounding it that the trends are moving in the opposite direction.” “Truth decay” is not unprecedented.

Not only does it lead to the uncertainly that comes from schizophrenic policymaking, it also alienates people from the political process and drives detachment from democracy. ’ Russian collusion is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people. ” -- Fact Checker Glenn Kessler notes that most of these news outlets quickly corrected their mistakes: “[A]t least eight of the ‘Fake News’ winners resulted in corrections, with two reports prompting suspensions or resignations.

-- “Truth decay” may not have begun with Trump, but he has undeniably capitalized on and supercharged it. Two of the winners were simply tweets that were quickly corrected and never resulted in news articles.

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