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In the pilot, it is revealed that he has a history of alcoholism and drug problems, specifically with cocaine, and recently suffered a relapse after 11 years of sobriety.Danny has to complete 18 months of clean drug tests to pass completion bonds as a film director; while this information was confidential, Jordan Mc Deere discovers this via a personal contact and offers Danny a two-year contract of convenience on Studio 60 - "..way, it works out for everybody". Danny claims to be the smarter of the Matt and Danny duo, a contention Matt doesn't argue with.

Peet's real-life pregnancy was written into the show, with Jordan being pregnant by an ex-boyfriend.

performer and one of the "Big Three" main stars of Studio 60.

Despite his Jewish heritage, he is an atheist and has liberal political leanings, which causes tension between him and Harriet.

In "The West Coast Delay", it is revealed that he was forced out of the show originally for supporting talk show host Bill Maher in the light of comments that Maher made following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

It is because of his loyalty to his friend and his history with Studio 60 that Matt accepts the position back on the show.

This also puts him in an awkward position; he has recently ended a relationship with Studio 60 star Harriet Hayes, for whom he still holds strong personal feelings.In the pilot, the recent ending of her romantic relationship with Matt Albie is suggested to have been caused by her appearance on The 700 Club, where she promoted her album.In the pilot, Harriet stood by the controversial "Crazy Christians" sketch and its contents, demonstrating fierce loyalty to the show.At one wrap party, Danny told Jordan, "You look like one of them [network executives] but talk like one of us", due to her willingness to side with the talent in arguments.On October 20, 2006, Peet revealed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that Mc Deere is loosely based on Jamie Tarses.Danny is apparently largely based on Aaron Sorkin's frequent collaborator and Studio 60 executive producer Thomas Schlamme, (Matthew Perry) is a former head writer for Studio 60 who in the show's pilot episode, is asked to return when executive producer Wes Mendell is fired.With Danny, Matt has gone from strength to strength, with the pair going onto films and Matt even winning a Writer's Guild Award on the night featured in the pilot.In "The Cold Open", Jordan proposes a network policy of charging a 20% "cowardice fee" surcharge for advertisers who had acquiesced to boycotts by the Christian right but came back after the boycotted show in question turned out to be successful.In "The Focus Group", Jack reveals that her ex-husband is working on a tell-all book about her.(Nate Corddry) is another of the show's "Big Three".While his comedic skills and gifts for character parody are acknowledged, he is self-critical and often looks on the Internet at critics' appraisals.

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  • Sarah Paulson kisses best friend Amanda Peet at Golden Globes.

    Jan 8, 2017. Sarah Paulson kicked off the Golden Globes with a kiss from her best friend, Amanda Peet. Paulson, 42, is dating fellow actress Holland Taylor, while Peet has been married to "Game of Thrones" co-creator David Benioff since 2006. Peet and Paulson have long been best friends and attended last.…

  • Sarah Paulson & Amanda Peet Kiss On The Golden Globes Red.

    Jan 8, 2017. Sarah Paulson might be dating actress Holland Taylor, but she was showing her bestie Amanda Peet all the love at the 74th Annual Golden Globes. The duo walked the carpet together on Sunday night and even shared a kiss for the cameras. Little known fact These two go way back and regularly.…