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Felicity then gets him and admits him to Starling General Hospital.

While Felicity continued to receive strange messages on her phone and showed them to Curtis thinking he was the one sending them.

This inspired him to be trained and go out on the field, not wanting to feel helpless again.

Days later, Curtis ran into Felicity again in her office.

He reminded her that the list of names was double-sided, and she realized that Curtis' was on the flip-side.

Curtis Holt is a bronze medal Olympic athlete and a former employee of Palmer Technologies who worked alongside then-CEO Felicity Smoak in the Design Innovations department. After learning of Green Arrow's secret identity and the location of the Arrowcave, he joined Team Arrow as maintenance and tech support.

While searching for Rene Ramirez to have him join the team, he took a beating from a group of street thugs.

They go into a secret elevator into the Arrowcave and grab guns to ward him off.

While Felicity is firing a rifle, Curtis tries to crawl away but Jeremy throws a card and knocks a light onto his head.He reveals that it is not a playing card as it contains proteins and receptors.Curtis says that although they can track him, their ‘poker player’ can track them faster.After Felicity Smoak returned to Star City, he appeared at a board meeting to introduce himself and present her with the list of people.She called him back to her office sometime later, but he accidentally arrived late.She began to get angry at him, but he explained his original intentions.As they were talking, Karla Groves walked in and Felicity was forced to fire her, which she was able to infer straight away.He was later directly named after Sloane's in-ring name; Mr. After discovering that Oliver Queen, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak respectively had violated his privacy, he left the team, along with Rene and Dinah Drake to formed their own team known as New Team Arrow.At some point in his life he started to suffer from Achilles tendinitis and needed it treated in order to qualify for the Olympics, on this occasion he met Paul, a physical therapist with whom he starts a romantic relationship.It was a bad choice and the movie is a piece of shit. (1984), which is this benign but still bad coming of age movie, which is just bad.

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