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Later, Thyne appeared in many television series, and movies such as Kel, Titus, Walker Texas Ranger, The Parkers, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Critical Mass, The Sky is Falling, Erin Brockovich, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, What Women Want, The Tick, and much more.

In 2001, Thyne co-founded Theater Junkies in the Greater Los Angeles Area where they offer workshops and help professional development for actors.

also uploaded shots of Park showing off her newly-gifted diamond ring.He is also famous for being the co founder of the Theatre Junkies.This is a group offering workshops and professional development for emerging actors. He made his feature film debut in after he began playing the role of Dr. After his high school, he joined USC School of Dramatic Arts and he finally graduated from there in 1997. In 1998, he starred the role of Doctor Oberman in an American television sitcom Friends. That year he also appeared in the TV series like Home Improvement and Dharma and Greg. Thyne was born as Thomas Joseph on March 7, 1975, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His brother, Tone Thyne is an American Television director. He grew up with his two brothers, John and Toney and Sisters Hazel, Katie, and Shelly.In 2005, Thyne was cast in the main role in a crime procedural drama television series called Bones as Dr. The same year, Thyne made his appearance in many tv series like 24, The O. Thyne has also played a lead role in many movies like The Human Contract (2008) as Greg, The Phone Book (2008) as Hugh Newman, Shuffle (2011) as Lovell Milo, Stop (2011) and The Pardon (2013). Thyne engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Leah Park on 30th of December 2013.Thyne made his television appearance after a long time in 2012 from a television series called The Finder. Leah Park is a Film actress, known for her role in the movies such as Milf, Almighty Thor, and Adonis. His brother Tone Thyne serves as the television producer in this company. He is also critically acclaimed for his role in the movie One Dry Run.Edit He got his rise in fame in 2005 after he began playing the role of Dr. In 2011, he played the lead role of Lovell Milo in the movie Shuffle. Edit In 2010, TJ was spotted having romantic love affairs with Leah Park. She is famous for her role in the movies like Milf, Almighty Thor and Adonis. Edit He is also famous for his role in One Dry Run.

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