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Top ten reasons for dating a football player

Vacationing with a tennis player is always a good time!

You’ll feel better with a frothy margarita in your hand knowing you got a great workout in on the court that morning, too!

As a lover of all sports, the idea of dating a female athlete has always been easy to take to.

Between all the inevitable arguments with her teammates about who played whom onside, who should've tracked runner and why her wide midfielder should look up more, that petty dispute about why you keep leaving the toilet seat up is far from her biggest issue.

She might have an appetite for the more glamorous things in life, obviously, but she isn't likely to cling to those things or the love for those things as if her life depended on 'em.

When she dresses up, you're just that much more amazed.

Somewhere between gaining hips strong enough to shield the ball and legs fit enough to last 90 timeout-less game minutes, these girls gained a shape you can't get enough of.

Many professional women basketball players compete year-round while most men dunk over each other every night.

They're all fierce in their own ways, but soccer is one of the few sports that looks identical no matter who's on the field.If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to date a soccer player, it is unlikely that you will let it pass.However, if you still need to make up your mind, consider the following reasons.With that said, there's definitely a specific type of athlete that has become a personal favorite.Simply put, dating a girl who plays soccer is just great, particularly for these 10 reasons: The male and female "versions" of each sport have their own features making them intense.Rather than any of the other unhealthy ways to relieve stress, they head out to the court and whack the ball around.That’s much better than almost any of the alternatives!And the best part is finding out she's played a sport you get to know her.It's like a bonus on top of everything else that attracted you to her in the first place.And that's exactly what you'd expect from a girl whose life is more about gritty tackles, hair-ruining headers and weird tan lines than it is about weekly visits to the tanning bed downtown.The only thing keeping me from saying "definitely" instead of "probably" is... Unless you're on the pitch all year like she is, it's highly unlikely you'll be as fit as an athlete whose job it is to run around a 100-by-70-yard field for two uninterrupted, 45-minute halves.

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