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Since we are long distance, I would do really nice surprises like send her a box of thoughtful gifts and gestures for her birthday and Valentines day, as well as send her a random thinking of you card in the mail with some thoughtful gesture like gifts.I even am encouraging her to pursue school in interior design that I randomly sent her a whole art supplies package in the mail to get her motivated. I said some things that she took sensitively and disrespectfully, unintentionally on my part but she held on to it even after I apologized a million times.

I noticed then she had removed me as a contact from Skype and blocked me from whatsapp. I spoke to her sister and she said to just wait till she comes back so we an have a serious talk and to decide from there what to do as in stay or go and to not email her at all till she comes back cause contacting her will make things work. She was so innocent and perfect when we met and stayed that way till just last month.

As for what I said, she’s on a trip to Europe and a country in the middle east.

She knows im really protective and jealous and in that country in the middle east, the guys there in everyplace (malls, roads, wherever) follow girls to a point it’s scary as hell.

Basically , I am in a long distance relationship for about a year now.

We are both 24 and love each other so much that our parents met up in her city to talk seriously.

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