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Opened in 2006, this small museum is dedicated to preserving British cartoons, comics and animation from early Punch to current favourites, such as Giles and Steve Bell. Read More Enter a time capsule in Dennis Severs' House in East London.You'll wander silently through an 18th-century house, lit by fires and candlelight, and absorb the sounds, sights and smells of a "recently abandoned" family home.The house's 10 rooms create 10 different pictures thanks to artist Dennis Severs' incredible work.

Read More Whether you have a musical ear or are tone deaf, the Royal Academy of Music Museum is the place to go for all things melodic.

Read More On the site of the Thames Tunnel, The Brunel Museum showcases the work of famous engineers Marc Isambard Brunel and his son Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Among the objects on display are drawings, watercolours and engravings of the pioneering tunnelling project as well as artefacts from the Fancy Fairs that took place there.

Read More Located at former Huguenot house at the address of the same name, 19 Princelet Street was created by children and artists.

Its central exhibition explores how immigration has shaped London, through stories of settlers from France, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Read More Whether you're an anaesthetist or just curious, the collection at London's unusual Anaesthesia Heritage Centre - which counts more than 2,000 objects, dated from 1774 to the present day - provides an absorbing story and historical account of advancements in medicine and pain relief.

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