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Updatepanel updating

It hijacks the normal postback that would happen when you select a new item in the Radio Button List control and then perform an asynchronous AJAX postback in the background to execute server side code.By default, Update Panel automatically sends asynchronous postback for every child control added inside the Update Panel and this is because of its Children As Triggers property which is set to true.The following figure shows how your page will look like at design time in Visual Studio 2008.

By default, it is set as Always which means if any control either inside or outside the Update Panel control will perform asynchronous postback the Update Panel contents will always refresh automatically.

If you will set this property to Conditional you have to update the Update Panel programmatically from the code using its Update() method as following example shows: I hope this tutorial on Update Panel control will give you basic idea of ASP. There are so many other things to learn when you are creating AJAX based ASP.

I think you will need a truly asynchronous solution to make this behave like you want.

That will involve posting to a different page on your server for processing, using the Xhttp Response object in Javascript.

But the panel doesn't seem to update until ALL the processing in the method is done.

If I remove the other processing from the method, it works as expected. Here is the update panel from aspx page: Well, as far as I know, you're never actually letting the page run the update.

You can also add multiple triggers if you want more than one control to initiate asynchronous postback.

Update Panel control also has Update Mode property which can be set to Always or Conditional.

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