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Updating access database using datatable

I'm pretty sure its data from this table thats being displayed on other user's machines in a list of 'delegates' and then dissapears from the form until the above action is completed and the form closed. Close ac Form, "Edit Delegate" Exit_Cancel_Click: Exit Sub Err_Cancel_Click: Msg Box Err. But even with that, you may be running afoul of locks being held on indexes and may need to add error trapping with a re-try in the code that's throwing the error. If you can help out with a way to re-jig the above code to incorporate a DAO or ADO that would be much appreciated.The offending command button had the following code whcih updates the delegates table, and I guess my questions relates to the fact that this table is being updated while other users are viewing the data on that table- is it possible to share a table which is being updated while users on other computers are viewing the data from it?? =) Heres the code: Private Sub Close_Click() Dim sql As String Dim current DBS As Database If Me. Execute sql Else sql = "UPDATE tbl Event Delegate SET Establishment ID = " & Base Est & " " & _ "WHERE Event ID = " & Me. Delegate ID & " " & _ "AND Establishment ID = " & Me. Print sql Set current DBS = Current Db current DBS. Records Affected = 0 Then ' On Error Go To Err_Cancel_Click sql = "INSERT INTO tbl Event Delegate(Event ID, Delegate ID, Establishment ID, Attending) " & _ "VALUES ( " & Me. Description Resume Exit_Cancel_Click End Sub I would change the saves using DAO or ADO recordsets. To be quite honest we're quite a way out of our depth here so wouldn't know how to do this! the list of delegates breing displayed on the form is the cause of the problem.

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As announced towards the end of last year, we are ending the @mailing lists and web forums: Beans is in the process of moving to Apache, the current status can be read in the latest Apache incubator report: A lot more work is ahead, though a lot has been done already.

Wait a moment then try the operation again." "Couldn’t use ‘\\officeserver2\TB\RTA\Evb’ File already in use" Note: (Event Mgmt.mdb’ is the main front-end DB) The above errors msg's apparently randomly appear.. Squarespace’s all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to express yourself creatively online, whether it is with a domain, website, or online store.

whereas the almost every time we're in the above scenario,a list box required to complete the booking goes blank. Please review the logic to make sure it is correct in terms of what is being added/updated before testing it. and once again, I'm sorry for letting this slip again. Get started with your free trial today, and when ready, take 10% off your first purchase with offer code 'EXPERTS'.

Data Set contains a collection of Data Tables and the Data Table contains a collection of Data Rows, Data Relations, and Data Columns. The previous Data Set contains a Data Table that maps to the Orders table because you filled it with a SELECT query executed on the Order table.

See for more detail: Answer 4: Connection pooling is the ability of reusing your connection to the database.The problem occurs when a command button is pressed, the action of which is do take the data from the various fields on the form just filled in, and, on looking at the code attached, update a datatable ('tbl Event Delegate'). Description End If End If End If sql = "UPDATE tbl Event Delegate SET Invoice Est ID = " & Inv Est & " " & _ "WHERE Event ID = " & Me. Delegate ID & " " & _ "AND Establishment ID = " & Base Est Debug.The data is in the form of 'Delegates' who are people selected to go on certain courses. Print sql Set current DBS = Current Db current DBS. Delegate ID On Error Go To Err_Cancel_Click Do Cmd. It sounds like a great suggestion to try the different recordsets..It apparently doesnt occur when there's only one user using the DB, only when there's several all using the same form.The actual error messages are: "3009: You tried to lock the table ‘tmp Report’ while opening it, but the table cannot be locked because it is currently in use.However, primary key information is not included in the implicitly created schema unless the create the schema of the Data Set, including primary key information, before filling it with data using Fill Schema.For more information, see Adding Existing Constraints to a Data Set.This is a front-end/back-end Access DB running in 2003 clients.All services packs and updates installed on all machines.Delegate ID 0 Then If Base Est = "" Or Is Null(Base Est) Then Msg Box "Please ensure that a valid Base Establishment has been selected." Exit Sub End If If Inv Est = "" Or Is Null(Inv Est) Then Msg Box "Please ensure that a valid Invoice Address has been selected." Exit Sub End If End If If bol Lock Est Then Else If Base Est Or Me. I'm not sure what type of list it is is terms of what type of form object it is but its similar to a drop-down combo but has a sroll bar at the side. Once the Obove code is executed and the form it sits in closed, then the list of delegates re-appears.. Establishment ID = "" Then sql = "INSERT INTO tbl Event Delegate(Event ID, Delegate ID, Establishment ID, Attending) " & _ "VALUES ( " & Me. Whats happening is that when there the above code is executed to populate the fields in the data table with data pulled from the form fields, the list described above dissapears from view where there are 3 or more users using the database and whom are all trying to view the list..

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