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Updating disconnected datasets

If the network is busy — and they're all busy — bound controls and forms can seemingly take forever to display data.

Access 2002 (and later versions) offers a powerful and flexible solution to network traffic.

An Active X Data Object (ADO) disconnected recordset performs like any other recordset.

The difference is that you can modify data and then send those updates to a data source, without maintaining a connection on the server.

Users work with a local copy of the user interface in what's known as a front-end database, while the data is in a second file, known as a back-end database on a server.

Even under the best of circumstances, the front-end objects perform slower.

You can even enforce data integrity using the Unique Constraint and Foreign Key Constraint objects.

The simple example below uses only one table, but you can use multiple tables from different sources if you need them. When working with a disconnected recordset, keep the following in mind: The example takes one shortcut.Instead of trying to simulate a generic networked connection, it retrieves data from the local system.Retrieving data across a busy network can put a real cramp in your networking performance.Displaying the right data isn't enough — you must display it promptly and on demand.The form in Figure A uses a disconnected recordset to populate a filtering combo box control.Once a user selects a customer, code populates the form by retrieving corresponding data from the same disconnected recordset.The form is based on the Customers table in Northwind (the sample database that comes with Access).Refer to Table A for the form and control nondefault property settings.Dragging only the data you actually need and only when you need it is the key to working efficiently across a network, but there's more.You can also retrieve data using a disconnected recordset, which keeps the data on the client side, so objects respond quicker.

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