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Updating gal from outlook

No matter how you’ve configured the update settings for the People Pane, you can always force an update for a specific contact.

Directory Update is a "self-service" web application that allows a user to update their own information in the Active Directory and thus in the Global Address List (GAL).

The web interface is customizable so that a user can provide only valid information (such as city, department, title) and the telephone number format can be validated.

I have done the Update in Exchange Manager and updated the Offline Address Book in my Outlook client (24 hours ago) and still nothing.

If you have multiple Outlook contacts that work for the same company, you can quickly update all of the contacts shared information such as the company address or phone number.

This was very helpful when someone transferred from one organization or site to another, for example.

Keeping up with changes in user details can be a real bother for Exchange Server administrators.

You’ll now directly see the changes that have been made in the Notes section.

This allows you to directly change some fields back or cleanup the Notes field before saving the changes.

A variety of techniques allow users to update their own details, using ADSI and CDO techniques.

Microsoft Tools | Code Samples | Third-party Tools Directify gives the typical end user the ability to update their directory information (telephone number, office location etc) using their web browser browser.

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