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Updating google cache

You can also try tapping the “Uninstall updates” option here.

Sometimes the faulty updates result in Google search widget not working problem in Android phones.4- Many users were able to fix Google search widget not working by simply doing a reboot.

3- Go to Settings, open Application Manager and then open Google Search app.

Under the Software Management header is the main areas of use.

There are three menu options here: Groups, To update, and in names. With the correct sub menu choices it is possible to find the desired software. I would choose the Groups, All, and in names menu options.

I would then enter text into search word bar looking for Leafpad and I would choose the Search button.

The program will cache the the groups to find the program. A new window populates the screen describing the transaction dependency.

You can try temporarily disabling Mc Afee to see if that helps, but Mc Afee has a tendency to keep running in the background even after disabled. Click Save and save the file to a folder on your computer.

The only way to really know if it is in fact Mc Afee getting in the way is to uninstall it temporarily.

While there are some dedicated terminal line users who use the dnf package manager, today’s end user likes the graphical option for installing software.

Gnome and KDE have dedicated software centers that fulfill this purpose.

I start up the launcher and when searching for updates, it gets stuck at «Updating Agent». Make sure that your LAN settings and Internet Explorer settings are set correctly.

I have searched through the tech support forums for people with similar issues but have gotten nowhere. Here's a support article that will help: Disabling Proxy Settings2.

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