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Updating mysql database with php

This way, you don't need to modify your database connection related code in every file if you once decide to change your database info. You could try this to see if an error is generated. it has a default value of "No fulltext available" All I want is to edit records and add url to all these records When I run with above I get this The following data has been submitted: When it run the update quary it will add a null value to that field and it becomes empty. Same happened that field also replaced with emply space. Still Same The query that was executed, is as follows: UPDATE saudi_journal SET AU ='' WHERE RID = '3' This is what I get when I echo query.

You can include a file using PHP's include(), include_once(), require() or require_once() functions. I myself like to have separate files for each action/process, but in this particular situation, I guess you could have 2 forms on one page, and have the one that matches the action (e.g. That would go, for example, as follows (this is actually pretty much the same as vipula suggests): I cant figur out to do this. If not, I guess it's your query that is using faulty data. I tried the following also $query = "UPDATE saudi_journal SET AU ='$AU' WHERE RID = '$RID'"; Got the following Yes Sir it has a value. All I want to do is to edit the data which I retrieve by the search and update back to the database. insted it replace with empty space (delete what I have in that field) Thank you my dear finally I got it working.

In this chapter we will cover the issue of updating and deleting data in table rows.

These tasks are achieving using the SQL UPDATE statement combined with the SET and WHERE keywords.

The UPDATE statement requires a few items of information in order to operate.

Without a WHERE condition, the update will be applied to every row in the table.

As with most things in life, this is best demonstrated through an example.

The following SQL statement is designed to change the product description column of a row in a table where the prod_id column is equal to 12134.

In the above example, the SET section of the statement identifies the column to be updated and the value to which it is to be changed.We have also learned about the importance of using WHERE keyword to control which rows get updated or deleted when the statement is executed.I am trying to search mysql databse and display it in an editable form and then update records. But when I am trying to update data not going to the database. Thank you in advance This is ahh my mistake I misread your question. You can include that file in every file that you need a database connection in. Read More Oh I see there is still a `if (isset($_POST['submit']))` line in the second `elseif()` statement.The WHERE section of the statement identifies the row, or rows to be updated.It is also possible to update multiple columns with a single UPDATE statement.If any one can help me please have a look at my script. You could remove that - the `if()` statement that comes a couple of lines earlier should do the work. You simply need to check the $_POST vars coming at the top of the file, and process things as needed. You simply need to check the $_POST vars coming at the top of the file, and process things as needed. Read More I would like to suggest a (in my opinion) cleaner solution :). Create a database file, in which you create your database connection, etc.$RID = $_POST['RID']; $AU = $_POST['AU']; $TI = $_POST['TI']; $SO = $_POST['SO']; // In your query, $FULTEXT is probably null, or does it get defined somewhere else? When I update it it deleted the data in that field. In the update form I change the names to author to AU title to TI and so on to match the field names in the database. Many thanks "minitauros" for your kindness to help me.$query = "UPDATE saudi_journal SET FULTEXT = '$FULTEXT' WHERE RID = '$RID'"; echo 'The query that was executed, is as follows:' . ''; mysql_query($query); $error = mysql_error(); if($error) echo $error; else echo " I notice onething now Sir. Omission of the WHERE keyword will result in all rows in a table being deleted.In fact, it is often even recommended that the criteria to be used for the WHERE filter first be tested with a SELECT statement to ensure it does exactly what you intended.

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