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Evangelista, 48, became known for being the industry's best in front of the camera and the industry's worst away from it. That's what led to the infamous quote that pops up with any Internet search of her name: "We don't wake up for less than ,000 a day," a reference to her fellow supes, and one that she hasn't been able to live down since. That's the first thing I'd do." Like, for instance, the details that were reported in her child-support case—that she allegedly sued Pinault for ,000 a month, though her lawyer insisted she was not seeking a specific amount of money, and she eventually settled for an undisclosed sum. I am so fulfilled." The week before we met, she spent a month vacationing with her family in Canada, at a house she rented in Muskoka Lakes.In 2001, she was sued by her former agency Wilhelmina for defrauding it of commissions before the agency dropped the case. And last year, when she took Pinault to Family Court in Manhattan to sue him for child support, the media (myself included) reviewed her court ensembles as if it were a fashion show. Evangelista says she was surprised at all the attention, since the headline-making behavior recalled a former version of herself. "This place was the furthest you can be from five-star.

And while Evangelista refuses to speak about her son, whom she calls Augie, a few bons mots slip out. I do boy things now." As for dating, since splitting with Morton, she's single, not dating, and happy about it.

"Let's just say I have a child who doesn't like fashion. "I look at it this way: I have been so lucky in love," she says, adding with a cryptic smile, "Except for two times."'s "25 Years of Fashion" special issue this past summer, and recently starred in campaigns for Chanel Eyewear, Hogan, and Talbots.

It wasn’t until after Evangelista’s lucrative contract with L’Oreal ended in 2010 that she needed his contributions, he said.

“She is not looking to piggyback her lifestyle on Mr. “She is looking to continue the lifestyle that Augie’s had.” Pinault, who has a daughter with Hayek, is willing to support Augie — but not Evangelista, his lawyer, David Aronson, said.

That was the first shot from Team Evangelista in what’s likely to be a contentious court battle as the iconic model tries to shake as much as $46,000 a month in child support — a state record — out of fabulously wealthy Francois-Henri Pinault. I will take my responsibility.” When asked to explain why he hadn’t paid Evangelista a dime in child support for the first years of now 5-year-old Augustin’s life, Pinault had a ready response. Evangelista came dressed to impress, walking into Manhattan Family Court in beige heels, a black pleated skirt, floral blouse, pricey gold watch, and — naturally — sunglasses.

On the stand, Pinault, now married to movie star Salma Hayek, insisted he was “not involved in the decision” to have the child, but told Evangelista he would “recognize the baby.” Later, his spokesman denied categorically that Pinault ever told her to have an abortion. She mostly avoided looking at Pinault, whose face got increasingly redder as Beslow accused him of running away from his responsibilities.

Evangelista says Augie needs armed bodyguards and a round-the-clock nanny.

She also wants Pinault to provide her son a home on par with the million California mansion he put in a trust for his 4-year-old daughter with Hayek, Valentina.

"I do needlepoint, I do crochet, I cake-decorate." She says she's a proficient chef and a barista, and can play a mean accordion, a skill she acquired growing up in St. ("I have two in my apartment, but they have dust on them.

It's more of a winter thing.")When she's not working, days that used to be spent shopping, sleeping, and on the beach at her house in St.-Tropez are now filled with crafting, specifically macramé, and playdates.

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