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If you’re looking for an under-the-radar place to party in Europe, a city that provides plenty of party punch but that hasn’t been beat to death with the tourist stick, then look no further than Basel.

If that makes it sound like a pick-up joint, well, it certainly has that potential. We’ll say this: The setting is certainly ripe for the pickings.(SRF/ complaints from people living in Basel’s red light district, the authorities marked out areas where prostitutes are allowed to stand with special green pictograms.The authorities estimate the numbers of sex workers in Basel to be around 800.The situation has become more challenging with a high turnover of women coming from Eastern European countries using the ability to travel to Switzerland for up to 90 days without a visa.Last year the government proposed measures to better protect sex workers and to fight against human trafficking.Basel police want prostitutes to respect the law when it comes to looking for business in the city.To do this, they’ve come up with an unusual solution.Gentlemen are of course also welcome on this tour and will be equally fascinated by the history to be discovered.A minimum number of participants is required on this tour.Unless it’s to go upstairs and eat in its excellent restaurant, don’t arrive before midnight, because you’ll be the only people in the place.For drinks with a bird’s eye view, Bar Rouge is at the top of the Exhibition Tower, the tallest building in Basel.

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